5 Best Pre-Workout Food for Strength Training

Pre-Workout Food

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Strength training is a very important part of maintaining the overall fitness of a body. It not only adds numerous health benefits but also works as a personal development routine to build strength in all areas of our life. And Meals are an intrinsic part of bodybuilding and strength training. A pre-workout food will decide how well you will perform during the training, especially before a strength training session.

But suggesting the best meal for strength training is a difficult task as it differs from person to person depending upon their body mechanism and what workout they are going to perform. Sometimes adding the Best Sunflower Oil to the meals is very beneficial.

What strength training does to your body is it creates microtears in the mussels and damages the mussels. 

Why are pre workout meals important? 

We live in a generation where people are very busy with their life that they rarely take time to focus on their diet and most of the days they head towards the gym with an empty stomach which is not at all recommended. 

A pre workout diet is very important as

  • Provide the amount of energy required for the body to sustain throughout the strength training session.
  • Start the recovery process of the damaged tissues much early.
  • It prepares the whole body for the upcoming intense session.

Food is the fuel of the body. Depending upon the quality and amount of fuel in your tank, how well you will perform in the training will be determined. That is why fueling your engine with the right fuel is very essential. It will provide all the strength and energy you need.

Let’s look at the key elements you must have in your diet. 

Some meals can provide you with plenty of energy but they are not considered the best pre workout meals. Some key ingredients are needed to be present in your pre strength training meals for better benefits.

  • Carbs:  Carbs are very important in your meals as your muscles use glucose from carbs as fuels. The body stores and processes through Glycogen. Glycogen stores are the main source of energy when the body is going through high-intensity strength training.

The source of glycogen is limited in our body and as the training session continues, glycogen stores of our body deplete, and the body gradually loses energy.

Science has proven that carb intake increases glycogen stores. It is a very well-known procedure to increase the energy of the body for strength training.

  • Protein: Many studies have shown protein intake before a workout helps to maintain athletic performance in the training. It also helps to increase protein synthesis in the muscles. Whey protein is one of the prime sources of protein for pre workout requirements.

Protein helps to facilitate muscle growth and improve muscle recovery. It also increases the overall strength of the body and enhances muscle performance.

  • Fat: Fat is also an incredible source of energy which is mostly required for longer intensive exercises.

Timing of Pre-workout meals: 

Timing of pre workout meals is also important. For maximum results, you should take a complete meal containing carbs, protein, and fats 2 or 3 hours before the workout.

But if your workout session is about to start within an hour, then your diet should be much simpler mostly containing carbs and protein.

Here is a list of the 5 best pre workout meals for strength training.

  1. Oatmeal: Oatmeal is widely considered a great source of energy. Having a full bowl of oatmeal on an empty stomach in the morning can give a great start to your morning workout. If you add some extra dash of fruits like strawberry, walnuts, almonds, etc then it is even better. 
  2. Chicken with Brown Rice: Most people like to work out in the morning. For them, oatmeal is a very good option. But for those who prefer working in the evening, Chicken with Brown rice can be the perfect pre workout meal. Brown rice is a good source of fiber and carbs while chickens are an ideal source of protein. This meal is slowly absorbed in the body and produces the required energy that is required for the body before the intensive strength session.
  3. Protein Shake: For the overall improvement of bones and muscles, protein shakes are an important protein source. Protein shakes are also a good source of protein if the body is not receiving an adequate amount of protein from natural sources. It is also fine to have protein shakes after the workout. 

But there are some side effects of intaking protein shakes without any restriction. One of them is kidney damage. So before you start having protein shakes, consult a doctor or a dietitian for the best results.

  1. Sandwich with peanut butter and honey: Peanuts are one of those products that are rich in protein along with some essential vitamins and minerals.  But make sure the bread is either whole wheat or multigrain bread. 

Honey is another great natural source of energy. Including honey in your pre workout diet can be a good decision as it will add extra calories to your diet. Don’t worry, you can burn it during a heavy workout. For those who like to hit the gym in the morning, peanut butter and a sandwich with honey is their best option as your body is on fast for the last 8 to 10 hours.

  1. Bananas: Bananas are an amazing source of starch and natural sugar. It also contains a high amount of carbohydrates. Eating bananas 30 to one hour before an intense workout session will increase the glycogen stores and sugar level in the body. This will instantly boost your energy levels and fulfill the energy requirement. Consuming bananas before a workout is also a very feasible option as it requires no preparation.


Exercising on a full stomach is not recommended at all and on an empty stomach, your body will deplete energy very soon and you will not be able to focus on the workout. And it can harm your body in the long run. So having some of the above-mentioned meals will refuel your energy tank. You can add the Best Sunflower Oil to your diet for better results.

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